About Us

Brand Protection, Online Reputation Management and Intellectual Property Law Experts.

Brand Asset Protect was founded with a simple idea and a promise.

To offer an integrated Brand Strategy and Brand Management service, Marketing and Brand Protection under one roof.

Every idea starts with a problem.

It all began with Jonathan Abrams, UK Solicitor and US Attorney-At-Law, receiving legal enquiries from marketing and communications agencies looking for a lawyer to untangle various discreet problems caused by inappropriate or misleading marketing practices which had the potential to cause financial damage and serious reputational harm to the client and also the agency.

Most of these matters revealed a lack of strategic input and often, inexperienced analysis, coupled with low agency accountability, leading to frequent disputes.

Jonathan’s idea was to combine his Intellectual Property legal practice with experienced brand protection advisors, digital marketeers, communications experts, with the goal of providing risk-focused brand strategy and marketing services.

So Brand Asset Protect was born.

Today that vision is helping businesses and individuals with Brand Protection, Reputation Management and Brand Strategy.

We like to say that Brand Asset Protect is a solution to building brands, whilst protecting revenues and reputations.

Our work is covered by strict confidentiality agreements. What we can tell you is:

  • We have a strong track record for delivering practical advice, creativity and utmost discretion

  • Our services combine practical and legal guidance from our qualified, experienced individuals.

  • Our Team includes qualified professionals ready and able to represent your interests.

  • You have our commitment to deliver swift and decisive action that you require.

Whether your instructions are to build your company profile, transform your personal reputation, acquire or protect Intellectual Property, or receive advice and support during a period of reputational stress, Brand Asset Protect will work hard for you and deliver.

Our Goals:

1) Build – Through Creative Marketing, Brand Strategy, IP registrations, acquisitions and Best Practice advice

2) Protect – Through both Legal and Practical enforcement methods